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September 6, 2022
Hosting Solutions & Library Consulting

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Hey Schools!
Register for This Webinar To Check Out Reading With Beanstack!
Instead of a quiz-based approach, Beanstack uses community-wide reading challenges and proven gamification principles to motivate students to read and grow your school district’s reading culture. Sign up with Beanstack by October 15th and Beanstack will waive the implementation fee ($195) to help you kick off the school year with custom reading challenges!

Webinar: Building a Culture of Reading with Beanstack
Join this upcoming webinar with Beanstack on September 14th at 12pm EST to discover how schools and districts across the country are kicking off the school year by growing their reading culture and building student reading habits.

Gale Business Insights: Essentials
Name Change and Enhanced Experience Coming Soon!
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Gale will be renaming Gale Business Insights: Essentials to Gale Business: Insights and an enhanced experience for Gale Business Insights will be ready to preview in October 2022.
Current users will be able to access the new interface at that time. Gale plans to retire the current version of Gale Business Insights: Essentials in December 2022, and from that date forward, Gale Business: Insights will be exclusively available in the updated experience.

Look for the “Try It Now” button in October. This will allow users to learn and become comfortable with the new interface. In December, you will be automatically moved to the new experience.

What does my library need to do?
No action is needed for the platform change to occur, and HSLC will update POWER Library. However, there will be an updated icon available, and any references on your website, LibGuides, etc., to Gale Business Insights: Essentials will need to be updated to Gale Business: Insights. Notice will be provided when the updated icon is available.

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Top Ten Ways You Can Ensure Your Students have a Great Chat with a Librarian Experience!
10. Have your students think about what they want to know before they log into CWAL.  They’re more likely to get useful answers quickly if they ask good questions from the start!

9. Remind your students early and often – the operator on the other end is a real librarian, not a bot, so they should communicate accordingly. Cursing and hate speech are a “hard no.”

8. If you are using CWAL as part of a formal lesson, stagger your students a bit so that an entire class isn’t logging in simultaneously – it’s super confusing for the librarians when they’re inundated by 25 students all asking the same question(s) at once. We want to ensure all your students get thorough, correct answers and have a great user experience.

7. If you’ll be having an entire class log on (see #8), give CWAL coordinator Ed Wolf a heads up a day or two prior – he can ensure there are sufficient PA operators available for all your students. 

6. Inform your students that colorful screen names fall under the umbrella of #9 – “Buttface2022” is not an acceptable CWAL alias. 🤣🤣

5. Spamming the operators is another hard no. Resubmitting the same silly questions or nonquestions repeatedly within seconds of each other is the fastest way to NOT get help. 

4. Point out to students that we have IP recognition on our end, so we know from which school the chats are originating, regardless of school name they provided, and have no issue making the librarian and even the principal aware of inappropriate behavior. 

3. While CWAL’s librarians are very skilled at finding information, it may take a few minutes or more for the librarian complete their search. Remind students to allow enough time for the librarian to find the best answer for them.

2. Even though we can identify what school a student is from, we do protect their privacy – unless a student indicates self-harm and/or violent behaviors or refuses to honor the behavioral expectations, we won’t tell anyone about their legitimately posed questions. 

1. …and the number one way you can ensure your students have a great Chat with a Librarian experience is to assure them that we are here to help them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 😁💯

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Registration Is Open for Fall Training!
We look forward to seeing you at one of the following locations:
  • September 27 : Erie (Hilton Garden Inn,  2225 Downs Drive, Erie)
  • September 28 : Greensburg (Westmoreland IU7, 102 Equity Drive, Greensburg)
  • September 29 : Altoona (Appalachia IU8, 4500 6th Avenue, Altoona)
  • October 11 : Williamsport (Holiday Inn, 100 Pine Street, Williamsport) 
  • October 12 : Harrisburg/Summerdale (Central Penn College, 600 Valley Road, Summerdale)
  • October 13 : King of Prussia (The Alloy, 301 West DeKalb Drive, King of Prussia)
Plan to spend the day with us and explore POWER Library products and services, learn what is new in POWER Library, and provide us with your feedback on all-things-POWER-related!
Limited space is available at all locations. Please don't wait to register.

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POWER Library Social Media Platforms
HSLC is using social media to spread the news about POWER Library products and services. While the target audiences are students and residents, we would love for libraries and library staff to follow along and share our posts!

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If you need support, please use one of the options provided below to contact HSLC. 

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